Drop-off and Pick-ups

Welcome to another great year of learning at Donna Shepard Learning Academy. Here are a few reminders of our drop-off and pick-up procedures for returning parents and new information for first DSLA parents.

Please do not enter through the front of the building. this is reserved for buses and special program parents.

All other lots will be coned off early to avoid heavy traffic.


If your child already picked up their schedule, we would love for you to drop them off using our drop off lanes located at the back of the building the first day. As you can imagine, there will be a large number of parents driving the first day and there will not be enough parking for everyone. Please do not park in our fire lanes or drives so traffic can flow freely.


Please make sure your child knows in advance how they will be getting home.

If there is a change in pick-up please contact the front office before 3:30 the first week and by 3:45 for the remainder of the year.

There are two lanes to enter the pick-up line. Please note that the center lane is for pass-through once your student is in your vehicle. Have the green pick-up form visible to make the process go smoother. If you do not have a green form one will be given to you in the line after school.

Please be patient. It takes a few days at the beginning of the year to get the routine established in our drop-off and pick-up lines. The first day will be long... the second day shorter... and so on.

We are excited to get the year started and working with your child and family!

For your convenience there is a map you can refer to.


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